Has the Pawn & Pint piqued your curiousity? It’s a relatively simple concept: we are a board game cafe that serves boards, bites, and will soon be serving beers as well. When you visit us, you are welcomed with over 800 board games, arguably the friendliest staff in the Crossroads district – perhaps even the entire city – and join our growing eager and dedicated membership.
Each weeknight we host various events: ranging from Mixer Mondays; Star Wars Tuesdays; RPG Wednesdays; and more.
Inside the cafe walls, you can stay and play for the evening, or pick up a game to go: we have a retail section selling many of the top 100 Greatest Board Games, as voted by the ever-wise BoardGameGeek.com users. Aside from board games, we also sell Pawn and Pint themed board game swag, memberships of varying levels, t-shirts, beer steins, shot glasses, and more.
If you donated to our Kickstarter in the start-up phase, make sure to stop by and grab your rewards.
On top of having a unique and engaging environment, the Pawn and Pint has partnered with local Kansas City startups. While our bar is still under construction, and the liquor license is on it’s way, you can enjoy the exquisite flavors of KC Kitchen and Pizzeria, as well as The Roasterie. In house, we also offer a vast array of snacks and drinks in store; including healthier options to suit all dietary preferences. Excepting for meals delivered by our partners, we ask you to please refrain from bringing any outside food into the Pawn & Pint.
Whether you’re a board game connoisseur, or have never played one before, the Pawn and Pint is the ultimate tabletop gaming hangout, no matter when you visit. We look forward to meeting you soon!